Van Aert also prevails in Loenhout Azencross

Van Aert also prevails in Loenhout Azencross

Wout van Aert has won the Azencross in Loenhout. The win in the Belgian municipality is the sixth in a row. Van Aert also won the cyclocross in Loenhout in 2014 and 2016 and has now added the 2021 edition to his list of honours.

The Belgian champion was disappointed by the absence of the public. The Azencross is known for its excellent atmosphere. “It’s a pity that the public is not allowed because the meadow, in particular, is always packed.”

Van Aert’s start was not as fiery as in previous races. Because of the strong wind, he decided to accelerate only halfway through the race. He did so in an excellent manner, quickly gaining ten to fifteen seconds on eventual runner-up Michael Vanthourenhout. “In the beginning, I pushed along, and then I accelerated towards the end. It went well, especially on the muddy section.”

"I have to make sure I get through the next races well."

Wout van Aert

He further built up the lead in the final laps to cross the line solo with a large margin. “I’m happy with this victory. I tried to ride as economically as possible, especially because the wind was blowing pretty hard. If you go full speed right away, you won’t be able to do that.”

Van Aert ends the year in style with six victories in six races. “It’s going really well. I have to make sure I get through the next races well, especially in the run-up to the Belgian championships. There are still a few more races to come in a short period, but I’m enjoying it.”


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