Team Jumbo-Visma signs thirteen talents for a new development team

“I am very proud that, after the disappearance of the Rabobank Development Team, we have been able to set up a development team with the help of Jumbo and Visma", director Richard Plugge said.
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Van Aert is improving

“I still hope that I can ride some cyclocross races this winter”
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Team Jumbo-Visma signs thirteen talents for a new development team
Van Aert is improving
Classification core Team Jumbo-Visma concluded with acquisition of Dumoulin
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Food Friday - Crazy for peanut butter!

Peanut butter, who didn’t grow up with it? In this Food Friday, we explain the nutritional value of peanut butter and we will inspire your inner chef with 2 delicious peanut butter recipes!

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Food Friday – Healthy cooking during a busy week

During a stage race, our riders get multiple healthy meals a day. Read about the meal prepping strategy of our team and learn how healthy cooking is not necessarily a time consuming process

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Food Friday - Our riders’ meal plan for a strength training

Our riders focus on the best performance on their bikes, which requires frequent strength trainings on their schedule. Do you want to know what our riders eat before and after a strength training? Or the typical exercises during such a training? Keep on reading!

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