Introducing: Tim van Dijke

Introducing: Tim van Dijke

Cyclocross, mountain biking and road cycling: Tim van Dijke does it all. Together with his twin brother Mick, the multi-talent transfers to Development Team Jumbo-Visma. We account it high time to get to know him better.

When you are not riding a bicycle, what do you do?
“In addition to my sport, I attend the Johan Cruijff College in Roosendaal. I take the Sports & Exercise course. It is easy to combine with cycling. At school they help me combine studies and sport perfectly, so my school is adapted to my sport. This allows me to do everything for my sport and perform in the best possible way.”

Which rider do you take as an example?
“That is not a difficult question to answer and the answer is not that surprising either. Of course it is Mathieu van der Poel. Just like me, he is not only a road cyclist, he also rides the mountain bike and the cyclocross bike. I really take him as an example. I think it’s nice to see how he practices his sport and races in a playful way. I talk to him quite often and I can learn a lot from him.”

How special is it to make the switch to Development Team Jumbo-Visma together with your twin brother Mick?
“That’s an incredibly beautiful feeling. It is incredibly special that I get the chance to ride with this team, but to take this step together with Mick is of course really great. This is what we wanted to achieve.”

"I was looking for a team where I could continue to ride off-road and I think I am in the right place here."

Tim van Dijke

What will combining three cycling disciplines look like for you next season?
“The road will be my main goal, but in addition, there will still be enough possibilities to continue performing on a mountain bike and in cyclocross. At my age it is good to combine those disciplines. I was looking for a team where I could continue to ride off-road and I think I am in the right place here.”

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
“I don’t focus on results. I’m focused at becoming a better rider. If I do what I should do, train well and take care of myself, the results will come automatically. At this moment, I still don’t really know what kind of rider I am. We will see what next season will bring.”

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