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Nice to meet you: Kevin De Weert

Team LottoNL-Jumbo welcomes some new riders for 2015 who we’d like our fans to get to know. Today we’ll introduce you to Kevin De Weert.

Born: May 27, 1982
Nationality: Belgian

How did your career begin?
“As a young boy, I played football. I stopped at my peak, when I was 13 and we became champions. After that football season, I rode some bike races during the summer. That went well, and I really liked it. That’s why I switched to cycling. In my first year, I immediately claimed two victories. That was fantastic. I went from being a goalkeeper in a team sport, who never scored goals or something, to winning races on my own.”

Is there something we don’t already know about you?
“My breakfast is sacred. I always get up around eight o'clock. I start my training at ten.  In the meantime, I eat a banana and oatmeal with nuts. Sometimes I have breakfast with my wife. When I’m alone, I always read the newspaper.”

How are your ice-skating skills?
“I stood on ice a few times, but with hockey skates. When I was young, I sometimes went disco skating. I wouldn’t dare to try clap skates.”

What is your lucky charm?
“My wife Yasmine, for sure. During the 2013 Vuelta, I crashed and suffered neck, shin and collarbone fractures. People around me were pessimistic about a comeback, but I remained positive. Yasmine always supported me and protected me so that the blow wouldn’t be too big if I hadn’t been able to return. Luckily, it all worked out well for me.”

What does your shopping basket normally contain?
“Normally there are only healthy and fresh products in my basket. I almost never buy unhealthy things because when I have it, I eat it. During the winter, I’ll sometimes sin. I really like ice cream, chips, chocolate and wine gums.”

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