Food Friday - Red Bull during the Vuelta

Food Friday - Red Bull during the Vuelta

Everyone probably recognizes that moment when tiredness kicks in, but you actually need to stay focused. Some coffee or an energy drink will do the trick and not only on those moments. Athletes use energy drinks as well for extra focus during a race, from a marathon runner to our riders. In this weeks’ Food Friday, we deep dive into the energy drink protocol for our riders.

Red Bull is high in caffeine and carbohydrates. The effect is extra focus and energy, although the effect lasts for a short period of time (max one hour). This short boost in performance is perfect during a time trial!

Shortly before a time trial
, our riders rinse their mouth with Red Bull. Research has proven that the taste buds in your mouth already give a signal to your brains as soon as they signal specific types of carbohydrates, which can be found in energy drinks. The perceived effort of a performance will drop right away. A quick and easy boost in focus is just what our riders need for a time trial. Swallowing the drink is not prohibited, but it won’t increase the positive effect either.

Just before the final of a long stage, our riders might drink some Red Bull as well for a quick energy and mental boost, but rinsing with Red Bull is mainly a fixed element on the time trial protocol.

An energy drink is only part of our riders’ menu prior or during a ride and never after. In the evening, an energy drink is an absolute “no go” for our riders, just like coffee, as the caffeine might make it harder to fall asleep. Our riders need every rest they can get for an optimum recovery.

Are you an active cyclist yourself? Try if Red Bull will help you to ride full force for about an hour. Just make sure that you never consume too much energy drink before a ride, because drinks with caffeine are not really a thirst quencher. You will have to visit the bathroom faster and, therefore, you will need to drink more to restore your body's fluid balance.

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