Velon takes you inside the world’s best professional cycling teams to give you full access to the riders and people who work with them.

Opening up races

Using cutting-edge technology, we bring you live data on a bigger scale than any other elite sport. Speed, power, cadence and heart rate are on show in the broadcast and digital coverage of races to let you see how hard riders work to grab glory at the finish line.

Data infographics

Our expert team studies the numbers and turns them into infographics to publish on social media channels, highlighting the key moments that make and break races.

Velon works closely with race organisers around the world to enhance coverage wherever you see it. Nobody else has the same access to the teams and riders as Velon. Make you you follow us on social media - click on the icons at the bottom of the page to see what we do.

Velon puts you in the rider’s seat via on-bike cameras which reveal the sights and sounds of races usually hidden from TV viewers’ eyes.

The Hammer Series

Velon operates the Hammer Series, an exciting and innovative set of races where only a team - not an individual rider - can win. Hammer events are staged in locations steeped in cycling heritage and with stunning backdrops.

The action is shown live, online, around the world as part of the our digital-first approach to racing. Make sure you join us in 2019.

Food Friday – Healthy cooking during a busy week

During a stage race, our riders get multiple healthy meals a day. Read about the meal prepping strategy of our team and learn how healthy cooking is not necessarily a time consuming process

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Food Friday - Our riders’ meal plan for a strength training

Our riders focus on the best performance on their bikes, which requires frequent strength trainings on their schedule. Do you want to know what our riders eat before and after a strength training? Or the typical exercises during such a training? Keep on reading!

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Food Friday – Our riders' favourite iced tea recipes

Nothing is more refreshing than some iced tea on a hot, summer day. In this Food Friday, we explain the difference in nutritional value between regular iced tea and the homemade version. Moreover, we provide you with tips and tricks to make iced tea at home yourself (which is easier than you might b...

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