Team Jumbo-Visma Academy

Team Jumbo-Visma Academy

Team Jumbo-Visma Academy aims to get more young people to pick up cycling and tries to realise this in close collaboration with schools and cycling associations. Team Jumbo-Visma Academy also contains a development team for talented U23 riders.

“Our plan is based on two pillars: training and growth. Do not just fish from the same pond, but enlarge the pond. Our talent development program is like a pyramid. From bottom to top: schools, above that the cycling clubs and then the development team. And maybe someone will ultimately make the step to our World Tour team”, Team Jumbo-Visma’s CEO Richard Plugge says.

Important themes such as the rising costs of healthcare, the increase of obesity among young people and the decrease in sports and cycling participation among young people in the Netherlands, clarifies the basis of the Academy. “We want to create a sustainable cycling program which inspires people to exercise more and which helps talents develop on their way to the top. This way we contribute to a healthier and more active society”, Plugge says.

Since October 2019, we have been organising clinics at secondary schools throughout the Netherlands for students aged 15 years and older, in collaboration with local associations. In addition, we are working with a number of associations to develop a method to bring the general functioning of cycling associations to a higher level. Jumbo-Visma Development Team, a team for talented riders, forms the top layer of the Academy and is the final step for a cyclist on his way to a professional career.

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