Festive recipe: healthy curd cheesecake with 'stroopwafel' and blueberries

Festive recipe: healthy curd cheesecake with 'stroopwafel' and blueberries

Do you have something to celebrate? Then this festive recipe is definitely for you! You are guaranteed to score with this tasty and healthy cake.

Ingredients for 1 cake

600 grams low-fat curd cheese

40 grams oatmeal flour

20 grams of agave syrup

160 ml skimmed milk

8 leaves of gelatine

20 grams of cane sugar

1 stick of fresh vanilla

150 grams blueberries

3 syrup waffles (stroopwafels)


Preferably make this cake a day in advance.

  1. Cover a springform pan with baking paper.
  2. Put the oatmeal flour and 1 syrup waffle together with a few tablespoons of water in the blender and mix it into a cohesive dough. Add some water if it is too dry.
  3. Spread and press the dough into the bottom of the springform pan.
  4. Place the gelatine sheets in a bowl of water for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Heat the milk in a saucepan (do not let it boil) and add the gelatine while stirring until it is absorbed.
  6. Cut open the vanilla stick and remove the vanilla with a knife.
  7. Whisk the cottage cheese in a food processor or hand mixer with the cane sugar and the vanilla.
  8. Stir the milk and gelatine through the quark.
  9. Pour this mixture into the springform pan.
  10. Cover the mixture and leave it to rise in the fridge (at least 6 hours).
  11. Cut the syrup waffles into thin strips.
  12. Garnish the cheesecake with the blueberries and the syrup waffle strips.


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