Vos takes first win of cyclocross season in Kortrijk

Vos takes first win of cyclocross season in Kortrijk

Marianne Vos has won the X2O Bathrooms Trophy in Kortrijk. The world champion battled her countrywomen Denise Betsema and Ceylin Alvarado for a considerable amount of time before winning the race with a decisive final sprint.

Vos' ambitions became immediately clear. The Dutch rider immediately positioned herself on the front row. In the second part of the race, the leading situation of the race took shape. At that point, Vos rode in front with Betsema and Alvarado. It was clear that the winner would come from this group. Alvarado attempted to unload Vos after Betsema fell behind, but the world champion outsprinted them.

"This is a wonderful boost”, Vos exclaimed in delight after her first win of the cyclocross season. "You never get used to winning, of course. It was a fast race in which the girls kept the speed unprecedentedly high. The moment Alvarado caught up, I knew she would be very dangerous. She accelerated in the last lap, but I was alert and closed the gap. I gave it my all in the last lap, and the sprint was a great finish. I'm glad I was able to demonstrate my good form today. This is a great feeling. The course was fantastic but very tough. In the end, the hard efforts were all worth it."

"I'm glad I was able to demonstrate my good form today"

Marianne Vos

The cross in Kortrijk marked Vos' final race of the first half of her cyclocross season. "In the next weeks, I'm going to ease up a bit. I already planned to do that. I'll be back at the beginning of the new year. It's good to have such a feeling in the end, and I'll carry it over to the second half of my cyclocross season. The next few weeks are all about training."

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