Vos rushes to fifth place in Hilvarenbeek

Vos rushes to fifth place in Hilvarenbeek

Marianne Vos has finished fifth in the GP Beekse Bergen. The world champion spent some time with an elite group of five during her fourth cross of the year. Vos fought her way up to fifth place after the front three had gained an advantage and the podium spots were distributed.

This year's cyclocross calendar features the GP Beekse Bergen for the first time. The course largely consisted of turns and twists. Vos kept in touch with the front of the race for a long time. As the race progressed, the balance of power became clear and Vos eventually crossed the line in fifth place. The win went to Shirin van Anrooij.

"The course is beautiful”, Vos said. "It's a valuable addition to the calendar. There were a lot of people along the side. I heard them, but hardly saw them as I was focused on the race. I constantly had to be on guard. After the race began, I wasn't in a good spot, but I was still able to advance to the front. It was full speed the whole race. This race went well for me."

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