Team Jumbo-Visma claims fifteen medals at National Single Distance Championships

Team Jumbo-Visma claims fifteen medals at National Single Distance Championships

A great weekend for Team Jumbo-Visma at the National Single Distance Championships. The team of coach Jac Orie claimed fifteen medals at Thialf, Heerenveen. On the last day of the tournament, Thomas Krol won his second gold medal in the men's 1000-meter race, while Patrick Roest and Kai Verbij seized silver at 10,000 and 1,000 meters. Carlijn Achtereekte (5000m) and Marcel Bosker (10,000m) took bronze.

Krol, who had already extended his Dutch title in the men's 1500-meter race earlier this weekend, took gold in the men's 1,000-meter race by setting a time 1:08.02 on Sunday. Teammate Kai Verbij seized silver (1:08.17), while Kjeld Nuis ended up in third place (1:08.27). Hein Otterspeer finished fourth (1:08.41) and Dai Dai N'tab, who took gold at 500 meters on Friday, finished sixth in 1:09.11.

"The maximum score for me this weekend, so I can only be satisfied", Krol said after his race. "1:08.02 is a good time at Thialf, but I know that it could have gone a lot faster. Despite winning two gold medals, I remain critical. Just like yesterday, my race was decent."

The fact that Krol started both races as reigning Dutch champion did not put extra pressure on him. "I did not want to think about winning gold medals too much. I just wanted to skate two good races and I am happy I was able to do that. It is great that I can continue to call myself Dutch champion for twelve more months."

Verbij spoke of "a sigh of relief" after taking silver in the men's 1,000-meter race. "I was not happy about the beginning of my new speed skating season. The first few test races did not go very well, so I had some doubts at the start of this tournament. My 500-meter race was decent, but the first meters could have been a lot better. That's why I am really happy with the outcome of this 1,000-meter race. This silver medal gives me some confidence."

Roest takes silver after Bergsma gets disqualified

For Roest, the Dutch Single Distance Championships ended just like it did last year. The three-time world champion allround took gold in the men's 5,000-meter race on Friday. Yesterday, he seized silver at 1,500 meters, finishing behind teammate Krol, and on Sunday afternoon he took another silver medal in the men's 10,000-meter race.

Initially, Roest (12:57.67) finished third behind Jorrit Bergsma and Marwin Talsma. However, reign Dutch champion Bergsma got disqualified, due to a questionable substitution. That is why the 24-year-old Lekkerkerker ended up in second place. Marcel Bosker, who broke the sub-13 minute barrier for the first time in his career, seized bronze in 12:59.25. Team Jumbo-Visma skaters Sven Kramer (13:10.09), Kars Jansman (13:10.60) and Chris Huizinga (13:32.89) finished sixth, seventh and ninth.

"I am not happy at all with my 10,000-meter race", Roest said. "I could have done so much better. My race went well and my velocity was great. However, at the end I lost way too much time. That's a shame. I think it's a mental issue. I am really disappointed, because I really wanted to compete for the national title. After my race I already knew that it was not good enough to take home the gold medal."

Achtereekte seizes bronze in ladies' 5,000-meter race

Achtereekte won a bronze medal in the ladies' 5,000-meter race on Sunday. The reign Olympic champion at 3,000 meters set a time of 7:01.62, finishing behind Reina Anema (7:01.37) and winner Irene Schouten (6:55.94). Team Jumbo-Visma skaters Joy Beune (7:05.23) and Antoinette de Jong (7:07.22) finished fifth and seventh.

"I am happy I showed character by winning this bronze medal", Achtereekte said. "It was a lot better than yesterday's race, especially technically. I am glad I was able to show some of the old Carlijn today. It is not like I am super happy with this bronze medal, but I am on my way back and I am confident that things will get a lot better in the upcoming months."

Medals Team Jumbo-Visma

Gold: Dai Dai N'tab (500m), Thomas Krol (1,000 and 1,500m) and Patrick Roest (5,000m);
Silver: Hein Otterspeer (500m), Kai Verbij (1,000m), Roest (1,500m), Sven Kramer (5,000m), Roest (10,000m) and Antoinette de Jong (1,500m);
Bronze: Verbij (500m), Marcel Bosker (5,000 en 10,000m), De Jong (3,000m) and Carlijn Achtereekte (5,000m).

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