Team Jumbo-Visma wins seven medals at third ISU World Cup in Nur-Sultan

Team Jumbo-Visma wins seven medals at third ISU World Cup in Nur-Sultan

Another great weekend for Team Jumbo-Visma at the ISU World Cup. In Nur-Sultan the team of coach Jac Orie won seven medals. On Sunday, the team concluded the tournament with three medals (2x silver and 1x bronze).

Patrick Roest won a silver medal in the men's 1500-meter race on Sunday. The 24-year-old speed skater of Team Jumbo-Visma set a time of 1:45.08. He finished just behind Zhongyan Ning (China), who crossed the line in 1:44.91. Olympic champion Kjeld Nuis took bronze (1:45.21), while reign world champion Thomas Krol ended up in fourth place (1:45.50).

"I am a little bit surprised by this outcome. I didn't expect Ning to win this race and me ending up in second place", Roest said. "My 1500-meter races hadn't gone that well so far. In many races I finished behind my teammates Kjeld and Thomas by more than one second, so I am happy I was finally able to finish ahead of them today. I still need to improve my start and first lap, but I am happy with today's result."

Yesterday, Roest had to dig deep to win the men's 10,000-meter race. However, on Sunday he didn't seem tired at all. "Last night I did everything I could to recover as soon as possible. I did a very long cooling-down and I slept in this morning. It worked out really well."

De Jong clinches another silver medal in ladies' Team Pursuit

On the final day of the third World Cup, Antoinette de Jong clinched another silver medal in the ladies' Team Pursuit. Along with Melissa Wijfje and Ireen Wüst, she set a time of 3:00.35. Only Canada was faster than the Dutch, crossing the line in 3:00.24. Russia took bronze (3:04.33). Two weeks ago, the Dutch ladies won a silver medal in the Team Pursuit as well, losing out on gold by such a small margin of 0.12 seconds.

"Of course, it's too bad we lose out on gold by such a small margin again. You always want to win", De Jong said. "However, I am still happy with our race. We improved on the things that did not go well in Poland. It wasn't easy to race in the Team Pursuit after skating in the ladies' 1500-meter race earlier today. Ireen, Melissa and I were still a little bit tired of that race."

De Jong finished fourth at 1,500 meters, setting a time of 1:56.23. "I am satisfied with my race", she admitted. "During our training camp in Collalbo we worked on my technique and it's getting better every single day. I am getting closer to the level I want to be, so that's very positive."

In the men's Team Pursuit, the Netherlands finished sixth. Roest, Chris Huizinga and Tjerk de Boer set a time of 3:50.93, ending up way behind winner Italy (3:46.31). "Of course, it hurts when you finish in sixth place", Roest said. "However, we did not skate with our best team. Today, we just wanted to earn as many points as possible to clinch a ticket for the World Single Distances Championships. And we succeeded."

Seven medals

Team Jumbo-Visma won seven medals at the third ISU World Cup in Kazakhstan. Earlier this weekend, Krol managed to win the men's 1000-meter race. Along with Kai Verbij and Ronald Mulder, he also seized gold in the men's Team Sprint. Nuis took silver in the men's 1000-meter race.

After three World Cups, Team Jumbo-Visma has won a total of 21 medals. Next week the fourth ISU World Cup will take place in Nagano. Hein Otterspeer is the only speed skater of Team Jumbo-Visma who will skate in Japan. On December 27th the speed skaters will return to Thialf (Heerenveen) for the National Single Distance Championships.

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