Second place for Vos at season opener in Woerden

Second place for Vos at season opener in Woerden

Marianne Vos has graced her return to cyclocross with second place. The only rider who beat the current world champion in the Nacht van Woerden was Kata Blanka Vas of Hungary.

Vos jumped along during her first cross of the season when Puck Pieterse and Blanka Vas launched an early attack. The three riders quickly gained a significant lead over the rest of the field and knew they would battle for the win. Vas's attack on the last lap proved to be too strong for the Dutch women.

"I've been keeping an eye on cyclocross for a while, and it started itching once more. I already saw the level is very high, so I’m happy that I can be competitive. On a particular section of the course, Blanka performed better. I knew she would try to attack there again, and she did. I had no answer to that", Vos said.

On Sunday, Vos will take part in the World Cup in Maasmechelen. "I'm also looking forward to that. Only significant races are coming up, the European Championship being one of them. Conditionally speaking, I believe I am prepared, but I have seen that winning requires you to perform at your peak."


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