Roest and Krol win their career first World Cup title

Roest and Krol win their career first World Cup title

Patrick Roest and Thomas Krol won their first ever World Cup title on Saturday. Both speed skaters of Team Jumbo-Visma seized gold at the ISU World Cup Final in Heerenveen to clinch the overall title. Antoinette de Jong took silver in the ladies' 3,000-meter race.

In the final 5,000-meter race of the season, Roest set a time of 6:11.15, beating the Canadian Graeme Fish by almost two seconds: 6:12.83. Ted-Jan Bloemen ended up in third place with a time of 6:13.72. Danila Semerikov, Roest's closest rival, finished fourth in 6:16.38 to take second place in the World Cup ranking. Fish finished third.

The three-time world allround champion won his career first World Cup title. The Dutchman maintained his unbeaten status this season, winning his fifth race in the long distances at the World Cup Final. Roest won four 5,000-meter races and the only 10,000-meter race this World Cup season. At the fourth ISU World Cup in Nagano (Japan) he did not participate.

"I had won all the 5,000-meter races I competed in this year, so it is really nice to be able to continue that streak and finish off the World Cup season like this", Roest said. "It is difficult to win the overall World Cup if you do not skate at all the events, so to take this title home, I really had to win everything."

"My race was good, especially because I was still a bit tired after last week", Roest admitted. "I gave it my all and I am glad it was enough to win the race and the title. It is always nice to win in front of a sold-out Thialf. Hopefully I will be able to conclude my season on a high note tomorrow. I am going to give everything I can in the men's 1,500-meter race."


Krol beats best friend Verbij to win first ever World Cup title

The difference between World Cup leader Kai Verbij and his best friend Krol was two points going into the final 1,000-meter race on Saturday. The two had to face each other in the fourth pairing of the event. Krol took gold, setting a time of 1:07.85, while Verbij won bronze in 1:08.13. Laurent Dubreuil (Canada) seized silver and ended up in third place in the final ranking.

"I am very happy that I am finally back where I want to be. It was a disappointing month", Krol said. "The ISU World Single Distances Championships did not go the way I wanted to. Today I could not win a world title, but I could win the overall World Cup and I am very glad I did. It shows that I had a consistent and good season."

De Jong takes silver medal

Earlier on Saturday, De Jong seized a silver medal in the ladies' 3,000-meter race. The bronze medalist of the World Allround Championships set a time of 4:00.03, ending up just behind winner Isabelle Weidemann (Canada) 3:59.75. Natalia Voronina (Russia) clocked 4:01.33 to take bronze.

"Of course, I would like to have won here today", De Jong said. "However, I may be pleased with this outcome. It is always nice to win a World Cup medal at Thialf."

Pictures: Stephan Tellier

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