Third World Cup win for Krol and Roest, Nuis seizes silver in Nur-Sultan

Third World Cup win for Krol and Roest, Nuis seizes silver in Nur-Sultan

Thomas Krol and Patrick Roest won their third World Cup race of the season on Saturday. The 27-year-old speed skater of Team Jumbo-Visma cliched the victory in the men's 1,000-meter race, while Roest (24) took gold on his birthday at 10,000 meters. Kjeld Nuis seized silver in Saturday's 1,000-meter race.

Krol won gold in a new track record of 1:08.42 (was 1:08.66 set by Shani Davis in 2011). His teammate Nuis could not beat his time in the final race of the 1,000-meter event. The Olympic champion set a time of 1:08.53. Kai Verbij ended up in third place to complete the Dutch sweep: 1:08,81.

It was the second World Cup win at 1,000 meters for Krol. Last month he won the distance in Minsk, Belarus. It also was his second gold medal this weekend. On Friday, Krol had already seized gold along with Verbij and Ronald Mulder in the men's Team Sprint.

"I am very happy with this win", Krol said. "So far, we have had three World Cups and in every single one of them I won at least one gold medal. A great score and I am a little bit surprised because of it. To be honest, I didn't expect my time to be good enough to win today. I expected the winning time would have been a low 1:08."

Krol dedicated his victory to his granddad, who passed away a couple of days ago. "I would like to dedicate this win to him. He was a huge speed skating fan. He watched all of my races. I wish I could have visited him one more time, but unfortunately it is not going to happen anymore. This gold medal is for him."

Nuis was not pleased with his result. "Losing a race is never a good thing", he said. "My race was not bad, but this is all I had today. I gave everything I had, but I just did not skate fast enough. Thomas deserved the win. His form of the day was just a little bit better. Hopefully I will win when it really matters."

Roest digs deep to take first 10,000m World Cup gold

Roest, who had already taken gold in the men's 5,000-meter races in Belarus and Poland, won his first ever World Cup race at 10,000 meters. The 24-year-old speed skater, who beat his Dutch rival Jorrit Bergsma on Saturday, set a time of 12:59.44. Danila Semerikov (Russia) took silver (13:02.43) and Graeme Fish from Canada ended up in third place: 13:04.25.

Roest started ferociously, but in the last couple of laps Bergsma came closer and Roest's speed dropped. However, the Dutchman of Team Jumbo-Visma still managed to win, because of a great final lap of 29.8 seconds.

"I really don't know why I was still able to skate a final lap of 29.8 seconds", Roest said after his 10,000-meter race. "The first couple of laps went well, but after twelve laps I realized: I was not going to keep up the pace, so I started to slow down and got really tired."

"I just had to fight until the end. Fortunately, I was able to finish my race on a high note. It may have looked good, but it did not come easy. I am very happy I won another gold medal today."

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