Vifit a brand from FrieslandCampina a Dutch dairy cooperative that has been in existence for over 100 years. At FrieslandCampina our philosophy is ‘nourishing by nature’ where dairy proteins play an essential role as they contribute to good muscle growth and maintenance. FrieslandCampina is an expert in dairy protein; we produce premium quality proteins directly extracted from fresh milk and have full control of our chain from ‘Grass to Glass’.

Since January 2018, FrieslandCampina (with its brand Vifit) became the nutritional partner of Team Jumbo-Visma. We share our beliefs that nutrition plays an essential role in the performance of athletes. For top athletes, post a workout it is recommended to consume 20gr protein to support muscle function and get ready for the next challenge. With 20gr protein in every portion, Vifit Sport Recovery High Protein range has been specially designed to meet that requirement and is today endorsed by the team.

Being a partner also means creating together, Vifit & Team Jumbo-Visma co-developed an energy range specially designed for the needs of endurance athletes such as riders. The nutritional composition, as well as the sensory profile of Vifit Sport Energy range, has been developed with the nutritionist and several riders from Team Jumbo-Visma. With 30gr carbohydrates in every portion, Vifit Sport Energy range supports you during exercise.

Watch the interview of Stef Clement, rider involved in the development of the Vifit Sport energy range.

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