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Team Jumbo-Visma embraces Youth Fund Sport & Culture as a charity

Team Jumbo-Visma embraces Youth Fund Sport & Culture as a charity

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture will be the charity of Team Jumbo-Visma, the combined cycling and skating team. The joint ambition is to give as many children as possible from low income families the chance to play sports. Both parties also hope that as a result of the cooperation, children and young people will become acquainted with the sport of cycling and/or skating: sports that are not self-evident for children from families that have little money to spend.

Unfortunately, 1 in 9 children in the Netherlands grows up in poverty. Because of the financial situation at home, these children cannot become a member of, for example, a cycling association. The purchase of materials can also be a challenge. The Youth Fund Sport & Culture wants sport to be accessible for every child. “Through sports, children can develop physically, socially and mentally. This is especially important for these children”, says Monique Maks, director of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture. “They often come from families with multiple problems. Through sports they learn skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.”

With the ‘Team Jumbo-Visma Academy’, Team Jumbo-Visma focuses on sports stimulation and talent development of Dutch youth. For example, Team Jumbo-Visma already makes young people enthusiastic for cycling by giving clinics at schools in the Netherlands. “If a young person is enthusiastic after our clinic and would like to become a member of a local cycling association but the club fee or material is a problem, Jeugdfonds Sport & Culture can help. In this way we ensure that every child can continue his or her way within this sport without problems”, says Richard Plugge, CEO of Team Jumbo-Visma.

In 2019, Jeugdfonds Sport & Culture helped more than 80,000 children. To continue to support these children and to guarantee their annual growth, joint efforts with the government, (sports) partners, ambassadors and donors are essential. Through the joint action platform of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture and Jumbo-Visma,, other companies and individuals can also contribute to sports opportunities for children and young people.

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