Team Jumbo-Visma invests in future with contract extensions Staune-Mittet and Van Dijke

Team Jumbo-Visma invests in future with contract extensions Staune-Mittet and Van Dijke

Team Jumbo-Visma has entered into multi-year agreements with Johannes Staune-Mittet and Tim van Dijke. As part of their new contract, both talents will first be part of the Development Team of the Dutch team after which they will transfer to the World Tour squad.

Staune-Mittet, who recently won a beautiful stage of the Ronde de l’Isard, will ride for the Development Team for the next two years and then ride for the Team Jumbo-Visma flagship from 2024. The coveted Norwegian signed until 2026. Dutch champion Van Dijke, who triumphed in the final stage of the Cro Race last week, sees his dream of turning pro come true a year early. The twin brother of Mick van Dijke has signed with Team Jumbo-Visma until 2024, so he will first ride for one year in the U23 team.

Nineteen-year-old Staune-Mittet looks back on his first year in the Netherlands with a good feeling and is happy to keep riding for Team Jumbo-Visma in the coming years. “I had a contract for next year with the Development Team, but this new contract is next level. I am thrilled and very proud of it. It will be a great journey together and this commitment gives me confidence for the future. The fact that I will be riding with Team Jumbo-Visma for the next five years also gives me the opportunity and space to develop as the team and I have envisioned. This construction fits in perfectly with that. I feel at home with this team and look forward to the coming years.”

Van Dijke, who is two years older, is also pleased with his new contract. “The past few months, things have gone very fast and my development has accelerated. Six months ago I would not have thought to sign a professional contract so soon. The confidence of the team does me a lot of good and is very important for me. I think I'm creating a good foundation for myself by finishing my period among the U23 riders and then transferring to the pros. That way we create peace. I thrive on that because I haven’t been racing on the road that long. This is actually my first full road season.”

According to sportive director Merijn Zeeman, Team Jumbo-Visma is investing in the team’s future with these contract extensions. “In our view, Johannes is an up-and-coming talent. He is very eager to learn and has an open attitude. His personality closely matches the qualities we think are necessary to be active at the highest level. I think we fit well together. The last few weeks, you saw that he started to display a serious competiveness. The same goes for Tim. He became champion of the Netherlands in the U23 category and recently took his first professional victory. That says enough about what he is capable of. Tim is a rider with great motivation and he is willing to work hard for it. It is suitable for him to ride in the U23 team for one more year because he can steadily grow to the World Tour level. Thanks to our strategy of occasionally racing together with riders from the WorldTour team, that growth goes very smoothly. Our youth route is hugely efficient and it keeps improving. That is very inspiring. The future of Team Jumbo-Visma is looking very bright.”

Head of Development Robbert de Groot is proud that Team Jumbo-Visma’s development programme once again delivers riders to the professional ranks. “In the long term, we try to create an organisation in which young riders get the time to develop themselves. For each athlete, we provide customised development. Within the team trajectory, there is an individual trajectory to advance as a rider. Such an individual trajectory provides safety and trust and that is very important for a young athlete. Riders within our Development Team are given the space and opportunities to become professional cyclists. Tim and Johannes seized that opportunity and we are proud of that.”

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