Team Jumbo-Visma announces official partnership with TP Vision

Team Jumbo-Visma announces official partnership with TP Vision

The world’s leading professional cycling and skating team, Team Jumbo-Visma, is entering an official partnership with TP Vision to support the company’s ambitious plan for Philips Audio to become the leading brand for dedicated sports headphones.

The partnership will include Team Jumbo-Visma’s sixty athletes live trialling both existing Philips Sports Headphones plus also giving feedback on future product concepts while offering professional product endorsements and acting as ambassadors for Philips Sound.

With nearly two thirds of active sports enthusiasts using headphones while exercising, the benefits of dedicated sports models are proving to be increasingly attractive, especially with true wireless models.

Already a significant presence in the market, Philips Audio is seeking to become the leading sports headphone brand and recently introduced the new innovative series of dedicated sports headphones that focus on offering exceptional fit and comfort, durability, great sound plus new safety and hygiene features.

The first product from the Philips Sports Headphones range to benefit from the new partnership will be the flagship A7306 True Wireless models which will not only offer the Team Jumbo-Visma athletes a great fit and comfort but will also ensure excellent passive noise-cancelling to ensure exceptional sound quality, while extra-long battery life will guarantee the superb sound will last for even the longest training session.

"It is great to see that we can join forces in the field of innovation and continuous improvement."

Richard Plugge

Commenting on the new partnership, TP Vision Europe Chief Marketing Officer Martijn Smelt said: "There is a fantastic synergy between Philips Sports Headphones and Team Jumbo-Visma. We supply the team with better dedicated, products designed to make sport more comfortable and focused leading to a better and more enjoyable performance, and the team’s athletes will actively support the development of our next generation of sports dedicated products. Our customers can be confident that Philips sports headphones will have been developed and tested with direct feedback from the best team and athletes in the business."

Richard Plugge, CEO of Team Jumbo-Visma is thrilled with the new partnership: "We are very pleased to welcome TP Vision as an Official Partner. It is great to see that we can join forces in the field of innovation and continuous improvement. This intensive collaboration will certainly contribute to the development of the ideal sports headphone."

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