Statement Team Jumbo-Visma crash Tour of Poland

Statement Team Jumbo-Visma crash Tour of Poland

After the events and the terrible crash in the first stage of the Tour of Poland 2020 Team Jumbo-Visma wish to state the following:

1. We are shocked by the consequences of the crash. We hope for the best for Fabio Jakobsen. Our thoughts are with Fabio and we hope with all our heart he will recover. We also hope and wish that the other people involved will recover soon. We wish them all the best.

2. The last two days we took the time to discuss this situation internally and Team Jumbo-Visma found it important to first discuss it with Dylan as well.

3. Dylan is devastated about what has happened and the, unintentional, severe consequences for others involved in the crash. He feels very sorry.

4. Dylan acknowledges that he made an incorrect move by deviating from his line and that he has been correctly disqualified.

5. Team Jumbo-Visma stands for fair sportsmanship, within the rules. With his move Dylan broke a sports rule and that’s unacceptable.

6. We have decided that Dylan will not start in a race until the judgment of the disciplinary committee to which the UCI has handed over the incident.

7. We will support Dylan and his family as a team to come through this (mentally) tough times for them. Some of the ways they are approached are reprehensible.

8. For now, the health and recovery of Fabio prevails. Our thoughts go out to Fabio Jakobsen and the other people involved in the terrible crash in the Tour of Poland.

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