Team Jumbo-Visma speed skating team officially presented during special live show

Team Jumbo-Visma speed skating team officially presented during special live show

The pro speed skating team, development team and marathon speed skating team of Team Jumbo-Visma were officially presented at Thialf, Heerenveen on Monday. Due to Covid-19, the team presentation, which was sponsored by Campina, took place digitally.

In the infield of ice stadium Thialf, host Humberto Tan, coach Jac Orie and the speed skaters were part of a live show, in which they reflected on the previous successful season, in which the speed skaters won many prizes and set many personal bests. After reflection of previous success, coach Orie and the speed skaters spoke about current goals and obtaining even bigger success. They also spent a moment on the new sponsorship deal with dairy brand Campina.

Of course, the addition of Dai Dai N'tab, Kai Verbij and Marcel Bosker and the establishment of the new marathon speed skating team, which is under the sportive leadership of Orie, is coached by Peter de Vries and Diane Valkenburg and has Unox as an important partner, were two main topics during the presentation.

"With the signing of Dai Dai, Kai and Marcel, as well as the addition of two young talents, Robin Groot and Jordy van Workum, and the inaugural start of our marathon speed skating team, our team has taken another step towards a successful future", coach Orie said.

"Besides from Kai's cycling accident and Carlijn's (Achtereekte) shoulder injury, our team has had a good preseason so far. We will have to wait and see what the upcoming speed skating season looks like, but we will do everything in our power to achieve the highest possible at the important moments."

This Saturday, the NK clubs, which is an official Dutch championship as of this season, will be held in Thialf, Heerenveen. For a couple of speed skaters of Team Jumbo-Visma, it will be their first race of the season. On Sunday, the team of coach Orie travels to Inzell (Germany) for a training camp, after which the World Cup Qualification Tournament will take place at Thialf from October 30th to November 1st.

Speed skaters of Team Jumbo-Visma 2020-2021
Pro team: Sven Kramer, Patrick Roest, Marcel Bosker, Chris Huizinga, Kars Jansman, Thomas Krol, Hein Otterspeer, Kai Verbij, Dai Dai N’tab, Carlijn Achtereekte, Antoinette de Jong and Joy Beune;

Development team: Tijmen Snel, Merijn Scheperkamp, Serge Yoro, Joost van Dobbenburgh, Robin Groot and Jordy van Workum;

Marathon speed skating team: Ingmar Berga, Casper de Gier, Harm Visser, Erik Jan Kooiman, Mats Stoltenborg and Robert Post.

Did you miss our live show? Don’t worry. You are able to watch the show via this link:

Picture: Stephan Tellier

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