Team Jumbo-Visma signs Anema on a two-year deal to complete the team

Team Jumbo-Visma signs Anema on a two-year deal to complete the team

Reina Anema has agreed to terms on a two-year deal with Team Jumbo-Visma, so the 27-year-old speed skater will be part of the team of coach Jac Orie until at least 2023. By signing Anema, the speed skating team of Team Jumbo-Visma will go into the Olympic season with fourteen speed skaters.

Anema, who skated for Team FrySk, had a successful Daikin Dutch Single Distance Championships last season, since she ended up on the podium for the first time in her career. In the ladies' 3,000- and 5,000-meter race she seized silver with a time of 4:04.28 and 7:01.28. One month later, she took a bronze medal at the Daikin Dutch Allround Championships, finishing behind Melissa Wijfje and winner Antoinette de Jong, who will be one of her new teammates at Team Jumbo-Visma.

"I think it's really special that I'll be part of the best speed skating team in the world the upcoming two seasons," Anema said. "We are about to start the important Olympic season, so when Jac called me and asked if I wanted to join the team, I was a little bit surprised, to be honest. At some point, I thought the team wouldn't make any more moves."

"I'm really looking forward to work in such a professional environment. The entire team is ticking like a Swiss watch. My former team, Team FrySk, was like a family, especially because of my special bond with coach Siep (Hoekstra). I was really in the right place, but I couldn't pass up this great opportunity. I showed some good things last season, but I know, I can still perform much better than this. I'll do everything I can to make it happen."

Orie: 'Reina hasn't reached her ceiling yet'

Coach Orie is happy with the signing of Anema at Team Jumbo-Visma. "I'm sure Reina is a great addition to our team. With Antoinette, Carlijn (Achtereekte), Joy (Beune) and Reina, we'll have four female speed skaters, who can compete in the 1,500m, 3,000m and 5,000m. By training with each other, they can improve each other and themselves at the same time. Reina is definitely a great fit for our team when it comes to her speed skating skills."

"The last couple of years, she already showed some great things, but I'm sure she hasn't reached her ceiling yet. Reina can still improve a lot. I look forward to be working together with her the upcoming seasons. As a team, we’ll do everything we can to get the most out of it."

Fourteen speed skaters

The professional speed skating team of Team Jumbo-Visma consists of fourteen speed skaters going into the Olympic season. Last month, the team already signed Beau Snellink from TalentNED. Tijmen Snel, who started at the Development Team, became the first speed skater to make a move within the team of coach Orie. Kars Jansman signed a new one-year deal with Team Jumbo-Visma, while Hein Otterspeer left the team after seven seasons.

Team Jumbo-Visma 2021-2022

Professional speed skating team
Ladies (allround)
Antoinette de Jong
Carlijn Achtereekte
Joy Beune
Reina Anema (new)

Men (allround)
Beau Snellink (new)
Chris Huizinga
Kars Jansman
Marcel Bosker
Patrick Roest
Sven Kramer

Men (sprint)
Dai Dai N'tab
Kai Verbij
Thomas Krol
Tijmen Snel (promoted)

Development Team
Jarle Gerrits (new)
Jordy van Workum
Merijn Scheperkamp
Remo Slotegraaf (new)
Robin Groot
Serge Yoro

Marathon Speed Skating Team
Bart Hoolwerf (new)
Casper de Gier
Harm Visser
Ingmar Berga
Mats Stoltenborg
Robert Post

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