Elfi new sub sponsor, and Zuiver extends cooperation with Team Jumbo-Visma

Elfi new sub sponsor, and Zuiver extends cooperation with Team Jumbo-Visma

With Elfi Team Jumbo-Visma welcomes a new sub sponsor. In addition, Zuiver Real Estate Group remains loyal to the Dutch team.

As of this season, Elfi is a sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma. The company will support the cycling team. Elfi founded by De Rooij pursues a new way of renting. Characteristic buildings are given a new function and are transformed into high quality rental apartments in the middle segment. The company's ambition, like that of Team Jumbo-Visma, is great and Elfi is therefore committing to Team Jumbo-Visma through 2023. The collaboration will be carried out with Elfi’s logo on the shirt of the women’s team.

De Rooij: “For Elfi, we are driven by sustainable and result-oriented entrepreneurship, through focus, fitness and perseverance. We work with reliable partners who, like us, strive for the highest achievable quality. That is why the cooperation with Team Jumbo-Visma appeals so much to us. We look forward to an enjoyable, sporty and sustainable partnership.”

Richard Plugge, General Manager of Team Jumbo-Visma, is excited about the new partnership: “Elfi believes, just like Team Jumbo-Visma, in dreaming, daring and doing. They are progressive, a core value that we also strive for within the sport. We are therefore proud that Elfi is part of our partner group starting this season.”

Zuiver Vastgoed Groep has already been a sub-sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma since 2019 and is extending this partnership for three years as a sponsor of speed skating. “We have been able to count on the support of Zuiver Vastgoed Groep for a number of years. The approach of this cooperation was to build on long-term success together. The expansion of the existing sponsorship contributes to us being able to perform at the highest level in the field of cycling and skating in as many areas as possible. It is great to see that many of our current partners see the value of our combined speed skating and cycling team and want to support it”, Plugge says.

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