Dumoulin, Van Aert and Roglic react to postponement of Tokyo Olympic Games

Dumoulin, Van Aert and Roglic react to postponement of Tokyo Olympic Games

The IOC announced this Tuesday the Olympics in Tokyo this summer have been postponed. Tom Dumoulin, Wout van Aert and Primoz Roglic react to the postponement of Tokyo Olympic Games.

Tom Dumoulin: "It’s understandable that the Olympics are being postponed and it’s good that a decision has already been made at this stage. This provides clarity. It’s too bad for me and many other athletes, but I suppose and I hope that we can look forward to the Olympics in the next year. At this moment, there are more important things in the world than sports."

Wout van Aert: “I think it’s a good decision. And I think it’s good for everyone that it was decided early. Society’s call for a decision has become louder and louder in recent days. In this way, everyone gets the chance to prepare themselves well. That would certainly not have been the case this year. For me personally, it increases my chances of being selected, because it gives me more opportunities to show myself. Now that this wise decision has been made, the different sports also get the chance to amend their calendars. In cycling, that provides the space to reschedule races or, I don’t know, to possibly reschedule the Tour. And for next year, the calendar can already take the Olympic Games into account. The fact that we already know this is positive. So I’m not too disappointed. Hopefully there will be other goals for this year.”

Primoz Roglic: "I think this is a clever decision regarding the situation in the world. The priorities are always the same: health comes first, then sports."

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