All-rounder Tratnik, Hungarian champion Valter and British talent Gloag 'at home' with Jumbo-Visma

All-rounder Tratnik, Hungarian champion Valter and British talent Gloag 'at home' with Jumbo-Visma

In addition to new Dutch riders Dylan van Baarle and Wilco Kelderman, Team Jumbo-Visma welcomes Slovenian Jan Tratnik, Hungarian Attila Valter and British Tom Gloag to the team.

During the team presentation, Kelderman's words left an impression on the three. Kelderman, who already has a history with the team, called the team a "large family" and claimed to have experienced the "home feeling" right away. "It's a very professional environment where everyone has the same goal. It's the best of the best."

The 32-year-old Tratnik experienced the same in his first weeks at Team Jumbo-Visma. "The crew welcomed me with open arms. I already had a good feeling at the training camp in Spain, so I eagerly anticipate the season's start."


Gloag has been with the team for slightly longer. The 21-year-old rider joined the yellow-black squad in the fall of 2022 as a trainee to hone his skills in several races during the Italian autumn. "I already got to ride some races last season, which was a wonderful experience. I was already impressed with the team at the time."

"During my races as a trainee at the end of last season, I was already impressed by the team"

Tom Gloag

National road champion Valter (24) had previously come very close to joining the Dutch team. "We had actually begun talking two years prior, but I declined. I didn't feel 'ripe' enough to move forward then. I'm glad it's finally happened. It already has a family-like feel to it.


Every recruit is driven to improve every day. "I always want to get the best out of myself, and I think I can do that even better here. I constantly strive to maximise my potential, and I believe I can accomplish this more effectively here. Even though I'm already quite experienced, perhaps I can improve myself", Tratnik said.

"I am really happy with this move, it already has a family-like feel to it"

Attila Valter

Former Giro d'Italia pink jersey wearer Valter concurred. "I still have a lot of growing and learning to do. I want to, at this point in my career. I need to fight for my place in this team, but I want to reach the top."

Gloag, a stage winner at the last Tour de l'Avenir, also desires progression. "As a young rider, I want to develop myself in all areas. Both inside and outside races. I'd previously been given a chance to do it at training camp and during races. Then, all you want is more."


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