Team Jumbo-Visma signs partner deal with BikeFinder

Team Jumbo-Visma signs partner deal with BikeFinder

We don’t have to deal with road bikes getting stolen too often, fortunately, but it does happen. Thanks to our partner deal with BikeFinder we can now protect all our riders’ bikes against bike theft.

We don’t have to deal with road bikes getting stolen too often, fortunately, but it does happen. In 2019 a thief went to great lengths to steal one. In broad daylight, he took one of the spare road bikes off the roof of one of Team Jumbo-Visma’s team cars, just before the third stage in Critérium du Dauphiné. The police got involved, but they never recovered the bike.

“We want to avoid these situations”, says Marcel Kruithof, manager Service Course Team Jumbo-Visma. “That’s why we are happy to welcome BikeFinder as a partner. In 2015, this Norwegian company started with the development of a tracking tool for every type of bike. The current system works via GPS, GSM and Bluetooth and helps to track down a bike’s exact location. BikeFinder supplies us with trackers for the whole team so we can protect all our riders’ bikes against bike theft.

BikeFinder works on the basis of a (paid) subscription. The trackers of BikeFinder are for sale on our webshop as of today.


The world’s best tracking solution custom made for tracking bikes. Mounted in the handlebar using a patented locking mechanism. Includes GPS/GNS, GSM and Bluetooth technology.

The BikeFinder tracker is mounted in the handlebar with an expansion mechanism, making it virtually impossible to remove without the custom tool that comes in the box. The BikeFinder App sends you push notifications on your mobile device if someone tried to move your bike, and you can track your bike through the App. The unique triangulation method and customized antenna solutions provides the best accuracy in the market for finding your bike.

BikeFinder can be mounted in any e-bike, hybrid bike, road bike, MTB or children’s bikes. It will fit any handlebar with an inner diameter between 15 og 27 mm, including curved handlebars. In the BikeFinder app the user can activate motion detection and select different tracking modes which sets how often the tracker calculates positions. If your bike is stolen, you can report it stolen in the App and BikeFinder will contact you to help you get it back. In fact, most stolen bikes with BikeFinder in them is returned to their owners. Therefore, BikeFinder also partners with insurance companies to provide market leading bike insurance.

The battery holds a charge for up to 8 weeks in standby mode and is easily charged with a USB-C cable while the tracker is still mounted in the handlebar. Use a powerbank to charge while riding your bike, there is no need to remove the tracker for charging. There is a SIM card integrated in the tracker, your BikeFinder subscription includes data at a low monthly rate.

Customized tools for mounting included in the box.


- Subscription: Not included. Purchased separately at

- Waterproof: Yes

- Battery capacity: up to 8 weeks

- SIM card: SIM is installed in the product, but subscription must be bought and activated separately

- Accuracy: down to 2 meter

- Motion sensor: Yes

- Dimensions: 193,5 mm x 15 mm

- Fits any handlebar with 15–27 mm diameter

- Charging: USB-C, charging cable included

- Weight: 47 gram

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