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Stay Home Stories: Tobias Foss

Stay Home Stories: Tobias Foss

In the column ‘Stay Home Stories’, the cyclists of Team Jumbo-Visma talk about their lives and current activities now there is no racing until further notice.

Stay Home Story with Tobias Foss

How are you?

My family and I are doing well. I was in lockdown in Girona for three weeks, but I’ve been back in Norway since a week. The situation here is slightly better than in Spain. In Norway we are allowed to train outside, go for a walk and things like that under the government regulations. So the conditions here are a bit more flexible.

What do your workouts and training look like at the moment?

As you know, I broke my collarbone in the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, my first race for Team Jumbo-Visma. As a result, I had to slow down for a while to get my collarbone fixed. The operation was successful and my collarbone has now healed. I no longer face any issues while using my arm. After that I was able to quickly resume my training without any further complications.

During my three weeks in lockdown in Spain I did my workouts every day on my Tacx. Zwift is a lot of fun to do. Obviously it is not the same as riding your bike outside, but time passes quite fast and it is also very entertaining. The virtual competitions are fun to do and very, very tough. The Tour of Watopia is a fun competition with different courses and also the different classes. I also participate in the team’s e-races and the Team Jumbo-Visma social rides. On 23 April, I will be the group leader from 19:30 CET.

How do you get on with your days?

Now that I am in Norway my days are kind of back to normal. I do my training rides in the morning and/or afternoon. In the evening I am either reading a book, watching a movie or playing videogames with a friend. Actually I do a little bit of everything to pass time.

How do you motivate yourself?

For me it is a good motivation to know that we will be allowed to start racing again someday. That alone really motivates me. I have to keep improving to reach the top. I believe in myself and the process that makes me help achieve that. Everyone has certain expectations after my victory in the Tour de l'Avenir last year. But there is still a long way to go. So I motivate myself by challenging myself and improving myself in all kinds of aspects. We are all in a challenging and uncertain period in which we also have to approach the season differently. But ultimately, there are more important things in life than just racing and riding bikes.

Which series or movies do you watch at the moment?
I watch a lot of movies, but I especially watch TV series. I am a huge fan of the American comedy series Suits. The series is about Mike Ross and Harvey Specter trying to solve legal cases together. It is certainly one of my favourite series. The series has been around for several years, but I have not seen the last two seasons. So I am definitely going to enjoy that. Besides Suits, I also like to watch How I met your mother and Peaky Blinders.

Which songs are on your playlist by default?

I am a great music lover. I like a lot of genres. Actually a mix of everything. When I relax, I often listen to acoustic or classical music. During my training I mostly like to listen to rock or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It all depends on the mood I’m looking for. But ‘feel good rock’ always puts me in the right mood straight away. I also play a large number of instruments myself such as guitar, bass, drums and piano.

Do you have any tips for people to stay fit?

That you should do something you like and that you feel most comfortable with. Focus is very important in this. You can try anything from riding on the Tacx to core stabilty exercises, but if you don’t like doing that, you can also go for a walk, a run, or things that you can easily do at home or around your house. There are many ways to keep it interesting for yourself. Ultimately, training should be something you do for your body, your health but certainly also for your mind.

What is your favourite dish?

My favourite dish? Then I definitely go for tacos. I really enjoy that. Tacos, originally from Mexico, come with different ingredients and sauces. So there is plenty of variety. At home in Norway, we have the tradition of eating taco’s every Friday. It never gets boring and you can always wake me up for it.

What other sports do you like?
I follow all sports a bit, but in Norway the winter sports in particular are very popular. What I really like is ice hockey and biathlon. I used to start as a biathlete before I switched to cycling. Formula 1 also appeals to me. I really love to watch that.

What is your favourite game?

In my youth I spent many hours playing simulation games. Especially Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator. Nowadays it’s mainly Call of Duty and Formula 1. I don’t have enough equipment to play F1 on the simulator now, but I do have an F1 steering wheel that I connect to my PlayStation. That makes the experience a lot more fun. It is quite addictive and with it you get through your days really well.

Which apps on your phone are running in overtime?

Like many others, I also frequently open social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But nowadays I also use the Nordnet app a lot. Nordnet provides all the tools, services and products you need to follow the stock markets and trade directly among others stocks and investment funds. Above all, I especially try to learn how to do it and I follow the stock market on the days it is open. It is a lot of fun and very educational.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ice cream! Different types of ice cream. I’m always in for it. But if I had to choose a flavour, I would especially go for licorice and pistachio.

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