Stay Home Stories: Antwan Tolhoek

Stay Home Stories: Antwan Tolhoek

In the column ‘Stay Home Stories’, the cyclists of Team Jumbo-Visma talk about their lives and current activities now there is no racing until further notice.

Stay Home Story with Antwan Tolhoek

How are you?
I am fine thank you. I spend a lot of time in the port of Yerseke and I am busy cleaning and getting my boat in order. Sanding, polishing, painting, things like that. It takes a lot of time, but for me it is also a way of relaxation.

What do your workouts and training look like at the moment?
In my training I try to maintain my fitness level as good as I can. I plan my endurance training rides every other day so that I can work on my boat on the other days. On those days I still spin my legs on the Tacx rollers because it can still be quite cold here in Zeeland in the morning. It’s a weird situation we’re in and I’m trying to make the most of it like everyone else.

How do you get on with your days?

I have traveled a lot in recent years and it is therefore also nice to be at home with your family. I follow the rules prescribed from the government and I withhold myself from other social activities. The most important thing right now is the well-being of yourself and your family and trying to get through this period as healthy as possible. So apart from my boat and keeping myself fit I don’t really do much else.

Such a long period without racing also has an effect on you mentally. How do you motivate yourself?

In such a situation, we should not despair. We have to try and see the positive in everything. And above all enjoy the things you can and still are able to do. I now spend more time on my hobbies, which, as a top athlete, I normally don’t really have the time for.

Do you watch a lot of series or movies at the moment?
I don’t watch TV very much, because I am more of an outdoor type. But when I do watch TV, then I mainly watch Flikken Maastricht, Breaking Bad and Prison Break. However, you don’t watch the latter two series forever if you’ve already seen all episodes.

Which songs do you play on your playlist by default?

I am a big fan of Dutch music. I listen to a wide range of Dutch artists. Not really a specific genre or song. Just music from Dutch soil in general.

Do you have any tips for people to stay fit?

I would recommend people to keep doing some exercising. Even if it is only for one hour a day. That could be, for example, going for a walk or a bike ride. But also stretching, riding on the home trainer and core stability exercises are things you could do. It is very important that you do this regularly. It will benefit your health. And above all: you have something to do.

What is your favourite dish?

Noodles with scampi’s. I was born and raised in Zeeland and at home we eat fish almost every day. I regularly go on holiday to Thailand after the season, where noodles are often on the menu. The scampi’s in Thailand come from the rivers, but here in Zeeland they come from the sea. When I’m gone, a friend of mine often gets them for me. Of course we also eat vegetables with it so that it is also rich in vitamins.

What other sports do you like?
I have a background in speedskating and inline skating. Especially the long distances and the marathon. So besides cycling I mainly follow that. Motocross is also a lot of fun.

What is your favourite game?

I'm not really into playing games. I don’t have the patience for that. I'd rather prefer to be outside. When I get home I am going out with my boat, I am calling my friends, walking or having a coffee. I really am an outdoor type of guy.

Which apps on your phone are running in overtime?

Especially the news apps. I like to follow the developments via the app of the NOS or Omroep Zeeland. In addition, the usual things such as video calling via Whatsapp and things like that.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Beer! A nice cold beer. I don’t have a real favourite, as long as the beer is cold.

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