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Introducing: Archie Ryan

Introducing: Archie Ryan

Archie Ryan will wear the Jumbo-Visma Development Team shirt from next year onwards. The young Irishman proved his strength last year in the national junior category. Both on the road and in the time trial, he won a silver medal in the Irish championship.

When did you pick up cycling?
“I did my first season with the U12. My father was a member of the local cycling club in my area. The club organised a ride for children. I went to take a look and participated in this ride. Since that moment I knew that I wanted to go cycling myself.”

What do you do when you are not riding a bicycle?
“Relax a bit, talk to friends and listen to music. I also occasionally play a game of Fortnite with my friends. I am currently in my exam year at school. The exams are scheduled for June.”

How did you experience the past two years as a junior?
“As a first-year junior, I rode for the Basque team Gaursa La Tostadora. I lived in the Basque Country with other foreign riders for six months. That year, I learned a lot in the area of independence. The Spanish races were very heavy, but educational. My Spanish has also improved. This period really taught me a lot.”

"There is a good atmosphere in the team and everyone is getting along well"

Archie Ryan

“I raced for a British team last year. The team had a great competition program with many UCI races. Here I have experienced what it is like to race at the highest junior level. This will help me to properly digest the step to the U23 category.”

What is the biggest difference between races in Ireland and races abroad?
“I noticed that the level abroad is much higher than in Ireland. The distances are longer, the intensity is higher and there are more competitors. It is a completely different experience.”

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
“Next year I hope to get used to the longer distances and the higher speed in the peloton. I will have to learn a lot, but I still hope to show myself sometimes. During the past training weekends I met my teammates. There is a good atmosphere in the team and everyone is getting along well. I am really looking forward to the upcoming season.”

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