Team Jumbo and Tacx extend their technical partnership for five years

Team Jumbo and Tacx continue their long standing technical partnership and signed a contract for another five years. Joining the World Tour cycling team in this partnership is the successful speed skating team of Team Jumbo. The athletes will be training and racing with the Tacx bike trainers, trainer software, bottle cages and bottles. Thanks to the long-term contract with Jumbo, the Dutch cycling and skating team, united in Team Oranje, is able to partner up with partners like Tacx for many years.

In 2019, the team will train and warm up on the NEO Smart, the most powerful, accurate and silent bike trainer to date. This trainer perfectly suits the pro riders’ needs as it is extremely accurate, resistant to the most excessive sprints and enables the riders to perform necessary, specific workouts. With help of the Isokinetic and Isotonic training modes they can effectively improve their power output and pedal stroke. Team Jumbo also gets access to the Premium Tacx software, so they can complement their training with structured workouts and training plans provided by their coach. This software also makes their indoor rides more fun with the Real Life video’s. This software even enables the teams’ and riders’ fans to ride with them as several Tacx Films are starring the Team Jumbo riders.

"Tacx is a loyal partner and emphasizes that by committing for another five years with us. I am happy with that signal,” says Richard Plugge, manager of the cycling team. "Tacx supports our ambitions and we join forces to develop products. Tacx is an innovative company with a great passion for sports and technology. Everything is developed in-house and with that we seamlessly connect. We also strive for success based on our own education and development."

Koos Tacx, CEO of Tacx, is delighted with the long-term prolongation with the team: "We’re very happy to extend the partnership with Team Jumbo for five years, which is quite unique in the world of cycling. Groenewegen and Roglic, for example, won a lot of races this year and last Tour de France the team did a terrific job by finishing fourth and fifth overall. The team is getting even stronger so the expectations for next year are high. Furthermore it’s great to see that the speed skating team with a lot of very successful Dutch skaters now also join us in this partnership."

“It’s lovely that a typical Dutch company such as Tacx now also supports the skating team”, Jac Orie, director of the speed skating team, reacts. “With their products we can optimize the warming up and cooling down at our races. And in case of bad wheater we just can ‘Tacx’. It’s essential training material.”

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