Recovery Van Aert in small steps

Recovery Van Aert in small steps

The recovery of Wout van Aert is progressing in small steps. “At the moment there is a slow, favourable evolution”, treating orthopedist Dr. Toon Claes says.

As a result of his crash during the individual time trial of the Tour de France in Pau, on Friday 19 July, the Belgian time trial champion suffered serious injuries in the right buttock area. In France, the wound was surgically purified and sutured, after which the damaged structures were reconstructed in AZ Herentals. The Albi stage winner is expected to remain in hospital for a few days.

Van Aert is not yet self-sufficient. Dr. Claes and the medical staff of Team Jumbo-Visma expect a full recovery. However, it is not yet clear when and to what extent the 24-year-old Fleming will be competitive again. “There are no signs of any infections and the wounds are healing nicely”, says Dr. Claes, who remains optimistic but cautious. “The extent and complexity of the injury call for a slow, meticulous rehabilitation. Intensive rehabilitation is only started after two months, when the injury has healed sufficiently.”

A few days ago, Van Aert told: “At home, we have a hospital bed ready, but there’s no point going there if I can’t leave my bed. The crash has had a bigger impact than I initially thought.”

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