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Nice to meet you: Timo Roosen

Team LottoNL-Jumbo welcomes some new riders for 2015 who we’d like our fans to get to know. Today we’ll introduce you to Timo Roosen.

Born: January 11, 1993
Nationality: Dutch

How did your career begin?
“I started playing football as a kid. I was a defender. My brother and father both used to cycle. During a vacation in France, we did some time trialling on public roads. I was about 10 years old and really enjoyed myself. I signed up for a club and when I was 12, I began racing. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t understand that someone could ride harder than another could. When someone attacks, you just accelerate and follow. Right? That’s how I thought back then. During the first years, I was only able to follow. I recorded my first victory when I was a first-year junior. In France, I won a time trial somewhat by chance. Only when I was called to the podium did I find out that I’d won.”

Is there something we don’t already know about you?
“I like to sleep in. I often train alone. I like to ride with my wattage metre on and to do sprints. It helps me clear my mind. Sometimes I train with a group or I take out my cyclo-cross bike.

“Two years ago, I crashed three times in four weeks. First, I fell when I was riding behind a car and missed a speed bump. A week later, I crashed in a bunch sprint. When I’d recovered, I missed a corner and crashed on the side of the road. All my wounds opened again, which pretty much sucked.”

How are your ice-skating skills?
“Pretty good. I actually used to ice-skate before I started cycling. While I played football, I also used to compete at regional level. While I was racing for De Jonge Renner, I even combined cycling with ice-skating. I quit because I thought I was a better cyclist. I went ice-skating a few times this year for fun. I’ve also already been to Thialf to watch our team-mates on the ice.”

What is your lucky charm?
“Of course that’s my girlfriend, Lobke. I recently bought a real De Lotto lottery ticket. We don’t win very often, but we gained some hope when I learned that the chances of winning are pretty big with De Lotto.”

What does your shopping basket normally contain?
“When I leave the supermarket, I always have cream cheese in my basket. I really love it. I also like to take home salmon. Baked salmon is delicious.”

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