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Nice to meet you: Mike Teunissen

Team LottoNL-Jumbo welcomes some new riders for 2015 who we’d like our fans to get to know. Today we’ll introduce you to Mike Teunissen.

Born: August 25, 1992
Nationality: Dutch

How did your career begin?
“When I first got on a bicycle I was a little Mike. I was eight or nine years old. My father and grandfather were cyclists, and I often saw races. Quickly, I thought, ‘I want to do that, too.’ I started cyclo-cross and always headed in the Limburg woods to romp. I did well in races and of course, that made me very fanatical. The nationals always were the highlight of my season. It was as if it was the Olympics. I was fortunate to win the jersey several times in youth ranks. I also won European and World titles. It’s great that cycling is now my job.”

Is there something we don’t already know about you?
“Four years ago, I started studying business economics at the Randstad Topsport Academy. Now, I’m about to graduate. I didn’t want to focus on cycling too soon, I wanted to have an insurance in case things didn’t work out. That gave me a lot of inner peace. I’m really into sports marketing and at the moment, I’m gaining a lot of practical experience. Maybe I’ll end up working in cycling at the end of my career.”

How are your ice-skating skills?
“I once tried ice-skating, but that wasn’t a big success. I think it’s a great sport to watch. I always try to watch it on television. Sometimes, I’ll check out marathon ice-skating. Quite a few cyclists compete because of the many similarities between the two sports.”

Do you have a lucky charm?
“That's my girlfriend Corine van der Zijden. She’s also a cyclist. We met each other during the World Championships in Florence, which is a very romantic city. We visited the centre to eat some ice cream… A perfect start.”

What does your shopping basket normally contain?
“My mother usually does the shopping, but since I was a kid, I have been addicted to pudding. Technically, it might be a good thing to start eating it less often! Haha!”

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