Learn how our coaches create structure training plans and how power in cycling is composed with INSCYD

Do you want to know how our coaches create structured training plans and nutritional strategies for our athletes?

Then come and join our partner of INSCYD on Monday the 12th of November, in Colorado Springs, CO, for the 2018 INSCYD Performance Assessment Masterclass.

The event is a mixture of frontal lectures and practical tasks that will delve into the science behind endurance sports.
INSCYD team will assess athletes’ physiological profiles; they’ll guide you through the design of training programs and training sessions; and they’ll teach you all you need to know about pacing and nutrition strategies.
Finally, they will address the best ways to benchmark athletes’ fitness levels, and they will explain what ensures the best training adaptations and race results. 

If you’ll be in Colorado Spring for the 2018 USA Cycling Coaching Summit ... just stay longer and discover more on the true composition of power in cycling! 

INSCYD's founder Sebastian Weber will also be at the USA cycling summit and present a lecture on "Connecting the dots: From power profiles to metabolic requirements to training programs. A systematic approach." [Friday, November the 9th; 2:45pm MDT]

More information here: https://www.inscyd.com/masterclass-2018/


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