HEMA, a winter fan

HEMA, a winter fan

HEMA is not only a fan of cycling but also of winter. In recent months they were not the only ones in the Netherlands. A period in which there was plenty of skating; the moment for HEMA to underline its partnership with Team Jumbo-Visma.

HEMA has been a proud sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma since 2020. In doing so, they support the traditional Dutch sports in which we as a team like to excel. The Team Jumbo-Visma skaters have also been able to show themselves on the ice in recent months. With success: our speed skating team won three world titles, three European titles, twenty World Cup medals, seven World Cup victories and seven Dutch titles.

In the meantime, the rest of the Netherlands did not stand still either. Thanks to sufficient cold weather, people from all over the Netherlands had been able to enter the frozen ditches and lakes again this winter. A great moment for HEMA to bring the collaboration to the attention, also among the young ones.

The partnership between HEMA and Team Jumbo-Visma consists of several building blocks, including the involvement of employees. Certainly, in this day and age, the distance to colleagues is emotionally greater than pre-corona. How can you use sponsorship to make a positive contribution to this?

In addition to this brand video, HEMA has organized two online events in collaboration with our speed skating team. Because many of the HEMA employees are still at home with the children, a kids event was organized for all colleagues. During this event, the employees' children were given the opportunity to interview Sven Kramer and Carlijn Achtereekte online. Live from the skating bubble in Thialf. The children could virtually ask questions such as "do you also have a skating diploma", "how can you do the best thing about it?" and "what do you miss most now that you are not sleeping at home?"

In addition to an event for the very young, an online question time was also organized with speed skater Joy Beune and skating coach Jac Orie. During this digital session, all Young HEMA members could ask their (sometimes) skating-related questions. How do you keep motivating the athletes? How many medals will we take home after the Olympics? How does corona affect the sport? What are your goals? Will you still be skating ten years from now?

By organizing these events, HEMA underlines its commitment to our team. In addition, HEMA supports our philosophy that today's beginners are the winners of the future by paying attention to the very youngest. Even though the winter is now coming to an end and the skating season is officially over, HEMA as a fan of the winter emphasizes skating as a sport for everyone, sponsored by a brand for everyone.

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