Kramer's knee injury diagnosed as bone bruise

Kramer's knee injury diagnosed as bone bruise

Sven Kramer suffered a bone bruise of his right knee in the accident involving a car in Inzell last Saturday morning, an MRI confirmed on Monday.

Kramer was riding his bike when a car came out of an exit. The driver did not give priority to the multiple Olympic champion, so a collision was inevitable.

On Sunday morning Kramer returned to the Netherlands for a medical examination. On Monday he underwent an MRI that confirmed a bone bruise of his right knee. The MRI and an x-ray showed that the cartilage and the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee are intact.

"Given the impact of the accident, it could certainly have been worse," says a slightly relieved Kramer. "It is hard to say how long the rehabilitation process will take, but I will try to get back as early as possible."

At this moment it is still unclear whether Kramer will be fit for the World Cup Qualifying Tournament, that will be held in Heerenveen from November 1st-3rd.

Picture: Stephan Tellier

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