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Bell and Team LottoNL-Jumbo win together

Innovative American helmet producer Bell will continue to provide Team LottoNL-Jumbo with helmets in 2015. Last season, the team recorded many successes thanks to the futuristic Californian helmets, something we hope to build on in 2015. Win together!

The victory in stage 5 of the Tour de France with the Star Pro Helmet was a wonderful highlight for Bell.

“A win on this stage when the weather was brutal and the stage went over the cobbles of the classics showed how our helmet was the perfect piece of equipment in a stage where the conditions required adaptable equipment.

“While we know that aero performance is critical, the feedback from the riders told us that it’s just part of the overall formula for speed. Ventilation, temperature regulation and comfort are also vital factors, especially on a day like that!”

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