A Cervélo for every terrain

A Cervélo for every terrain

From 2021, Team Jumbo-Visma will ride on Cervélo bicycles. The riders of the Dutch cycling team will have different models at their disposal. This allows them to perform optimally in different terrains on their new bikes.


The fast and sleek Cervélo S5 will mainly be used in flat to hilly courses. This bike is characterized by an aerodynamic handlebar with a V-shaped stem. This shape has been developed to provide the best possible performance in the wind and to hide the cables inside. There are enough options to make a suitable handlebar and stem for almost everyone.

The frame stiffness, geometry, carbon lay-up and tube shapes combine to create a bike that's both comfortable and fast.


For races in which a considerable hill or mountain has to be climbed, our riders can count on the Cervélo R5. This bike is more all-round and also lighter compared to the S5. It is the stiffest bike in the Cervélo range. The stiffness and geometry together ensure pedaling efficiency and stable road holding. Driving comfort has also been thought of with the R5 and this comfort is reflected in the frame. Disc brakes provide controlled braking whatever the weather, and the frame offers enough space for tires up to 30 millimeters. The R5 is stiff at those points in the frame where it matters, while it's a featherweight at the same time. That careful balance of stiffness and weight results in a bike that responds quickly to input, but is stable and predictable.


From Carrefour de l’Arbre to the Muur van Geraardsbergen, the Cervélo Caledonia is perfect for the spring classics such as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. This bike provides sufficient comfort on difficult roads and technical cobblestone sections. The bike's center of gravity has been moved slightly back, the bottom bracket has been lowered and the trail has been enlarged. The handling is still fast, but the necessary stability has been added to the frame. The Caledonia is suitable for long rides with some smooth asphalt, some pavers, a cycle path where you can barely pass and maybe some gravel strokes. A real all-rounder!


In the races against the clock, time trialists such as Wout van Aert, Tony Martin and Primoz Roglic use the Cervélo P5. The aerodynamic shape of the frame and handlebars ensure the lowest possible air resistance. This allows the athlete to use his power as efficiently as possible. Thanks to Cervélo's years of experience and various tests, the P5 is an incredibly fast bike that pushes boundaries. The P5 is ideal for Team Jumbo-Visma riders, but is also frequently used by triathletes.

The Cervélo’s are made entirely of carbon. This makes the bikes light, but also strong. The bicycles are characterized by a yellow front fork. This makes the riders highly visible and recognisable in the peloton. The honeycomb commonly used by Team Jumbo-Visma is also reflected in the design of the frame.


The new Cervélo R5-CX was launched last winter. The bike is largely based on the R5 in terms of performance and design, but with some important differences. It is a cross bike that was developed together with Team Jumbo-Visma. A unique model, based on the input of Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos. And they immediately scored some fantastic victories on it. Marianne became world champion on the R5-CX and Wout became Belgian cyclocross champion for the fifth time.

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