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Food Friday - Quiz time!

Food Friday - Quiz time!

Quiz time! Did you read every Food Friday carefully? Discover if you know as much about food as our Development Team!

We educate our riders about food quite a lot, right from the moment they enter our Development Team as food is the fundamental principle they need to build on. There are different “food pyramid” layers we talk about: the basic nutrition your body needs (the first layer), the sports specific nutrition your body needs (the second layer) and supplements (the third layer). The Development Team learns about basic guidelines that they need to work with every day, such as eating at least 200 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of fruit and 15 grams of unsalted nuts a day. Moreover, we educate our riders about the right timing of specific nutrition and we even push them into the kitchen to learn in a practical way about portion sizes, different food preparation methods and so on.

Every Food Friday has had topics our Development Team learns about as well. Are you ready to test your own knowledge? Take the quiz!


The right answers are below the form (as the contest is over), but feel free to test your knowledge anyway.

Take the quiz:

Question 1: Do our riders always eat healthy?
Question 2: How many carbohydrates do our riders consume per hour during a race?
Question 3: What is the best thing to eat/drink an hour before a ride?
Question 4: One tablespoon of mayonnaise has as much energy (kcal) as 8 cucumbers.
Question 5: What is the best thing to eat 30 minutes after a ride?
Question 6: At least how much water (or sportsdrink) do you need to drink during a ride with normal weather conditions?
Question 7: Espresso has more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee.
Question 8: Which Vitamin do you probably lack during Winter and is wise to consume via supplements as it is barely in our food?

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The right answers

1: C
2: C
3: B
4: A

5: C
6: B
7: B
8: C

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